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Bubble football ——a kind of innovation of football

Bubble football is a kind of innovative football movement.This innovation is based on the traditional football movement.Bubble football is based on football,but which is different from football.


First of all,the size of bubble football is different from football.bubble football is much lager than football,which almost equals 20 times lager than football.Then,bubble football is softer than football,and it is transparent.Third,bubble football doesn’t like football ,it is used to push and rush.But football is used to kick.Fourth,As tradtional football,it needs 11 people to compose a team.But bubble football just needs 3-5 people,therefore,bubble football is conventient to play with friends.And each bubble football match cost 30 minutes.Fifth,as we all know,football players rush players which violates the rules.However,in bubble football match players not only can rush players who are in bubble football,but also can push players who are in bubble football.Last but not least,bubble football can be played in everywhere.So don’t worry about the field is too small  to play.Bubble football is so innovative that you have ever imagined!

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