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How to play bubble soccer

This special match is normally played by two teams. Each team consists less than or equal to five players. Each particular team must then have at least one lady on the field all play times. You must know how to play bubble soccer because a match cannot start if either team has fewer than three players.
The match lasts for two equal halves of twelve minutes each.

Before stepping on the field, each particular player is expected to be in a “Battle Ball” This is worn over the shoulders and fully inflated with shoulder straps so as to ensure that the player is tightly secured inside the ball.

At the match start, both teams line up and the referee places the ball at the Centre of the field. He then blows the whistle to begin the match.

If any player is knocked during the play, they are allowed to get up immediately before they are attacked again by the opposing team. It is very important for the players not to hit when on the ground and again be allowed to get up. Referees are expected to strictly enforce this rule.

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